Indirect Taxes

Indirect taxes impact, directly or indirectly, most transactions: sales, purchases, imports/exports and payroll. If they are not managed properly, significant costs may be incurred which can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Let us review your indirect tax reporting and compliance procedures to ensure all compliance procedures and refund opportunities have been addressed. Our experienced indirect tax professionals can assist you in managing your indirect taxes and developing tax minimization strategies.

Zen Nimeck - MCO Partners

Zen Nimeck


With 22 years of experience with indirect and payroll taxes, including GST/HST, PST, WSIB, and EHT, Zen is one of the country’s leading experts in indirect taxation. Serving varied businesses in manufacturing, retail, service, public sector, charities and NPOs, and with a particular emphasis on cross-border business, Zen’s experience is unparalleled.

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