US Corporate Tax

U.S. corporate tax often differs significantly from the corporate tax approach in other countries, particularly when a non-U.S. resident is involved in ownership of the corporation. It is essential that the appropriate planning takes place before the first step into the U.S. We work closely with U.S. tax attorneys and C.P.A.’s to ensure that our clients’ diverse needs are met by the appropriate structure. This is not basic tax advice – seek an expert to help you with this planning.

Ed Miles - MCO Partners

Ed Miles, CPA, CA, MBA


With over 20 years in public accounting, Ed founded the firm in 2001, with a focus on Canadian and U.S. taxation. Recognized as a local expert, Ed recently completed his term as Chairman of the B.O.D. of the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce. Ed is a C.A. licensed in Ontario, and is a licensed C.P.A. and a member of the Michigan Institute of C.P.A.’s.

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